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Why can’t I breastfeed my baby?

I’ve been told by my clinic that when I have my baby I need to give them medication. I’ve also been told that I shouldn’t breastfeed. I’m on treatment and my viral load is undetectable so I don’t understand why my baby needs to be given medication. Also why can’t I breastfeed?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Feeding guidlines for babies vary depending on where it is that someone lives. In the UK breastfeeding isn’t recommended and this is even if a woman’s viral load is undetectable. There’s info about this here: https://i-base.info/guides/pregnancy

Though being undetectable means you can’t transmit HIV when having sex without a condom, it may not apply to infant feeding, this is why there a need to be cautious: https://i-base.info/htb/34455

All babies who are born to positive mothers must be given ARVs, this is a precautionary measure as the pregnancy guide explains.


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