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I’m undetectable but my CD4 is still low, why?

Hi, when I found out about my status 6 months back my viral load was more than 1000 copies and my CD4 count was 28. It’s been 6 months taking meds I got my results today and my viral load is 20 and cd4 count is 146

Is it possible for my viral load can be undetectable while my cd4 is not yet 500?


Thanks for getting in touch.

When someone starts medication their viral load will drop much quicker than their CD4 count will rise. This will explain why you’re undetectable even if your CD4 is still low. Please see the following guide: https://i-base.info/guides/side

Though your CD4 count is still low, given that you only started medication 6 months ago, you’re actaully doing really well.

You’ve mentioned having a CD4 count of 500. It isn’t possible to predict how a persons CD4 count will rise. Yours may get to 500, it may not. The important thing is that you’re on medication and your HIV is under control.


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