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I am stranded abroad due to coronavirus and running short of meds

Hi, I am a UK citizen but I have ended up stranded abroad because of travel restrictions due to coronavirus. My meds will run out in a few weeks and I wondered what options I have.



Thanks, we have heard from other people in a similar situation.

Here are a few options that will vary depending on where you are in the world – maybe try them all if needed.

  1. Contact a local HIV organisation or hospital where you are staying. They may be able to help. If the country uses generic medicines, these might not be so expensive even if you have to buy these.
  2. Use online pharmacies to order generic versions of your meds – for example, any of companies that people in the UK use to order PrEP.
    The following websites sell generic versions of tenofovir/emtricitabine and maybe other ARVs.

    These suppliers appear to be established suppliers for a wide range of medicines including HIV and hepatitis C drugs.

  3. Contact the organisation Life4me+ which has been providing emergency assistance to people living with HIV, who are stuck abroad and left without medication against HIV. During this time, more than 30 people asked the help from Oman, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Germany, etc. and we helped everyone.
  4. Please also contact your HIV doctor in the UK If any of these options might involve changing your combination. For example because your current combination is not available in your current country or online.

NOTE – if you are from another country and are stranded in the UK, please contact a local HIV clinic who should be able to prescribe free HIV meds to cover you. This might take time to arrange so please do this as early as possible.


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