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I’m due to travel to Africa, can I have the yellow fever vaccine?

My question is I’m going to be doing a lot of charity work in Africa and I want to have a yellow fever inoculation, is this advisable? My viral load is undetectable and my CD4 is 430.


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The following link provides info about  getting the yellow fever vaccine when positive: https://i-base.info/qa/3067

At the moment though, it might be more important to think about impact of COVID-19 on these plans. Even when travel restrictions are relaxed, this might vary a lot on different countries.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Sam,

    They are likely to be fine if they’ve been stored correctly and look okay. They’re probably fine for at least a year. But different ARVs might affect how long they might last. You can call the pharmacy or the doctor about this to check with them.

  2. Sam

    Hello; I’d like to ask if its ok to use ARV’s that have an expiry date of March 2020; I normally buy 2 extra bridge packs just in case. This morning i realized that the “last bridge extra” has an expiry date of March 2020,is it safe to use? what do i do?

    Thank you


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