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My CD4 count is 60, will I be OK?

I was recently diagnosed with HIV and a with a low CD4 count (of 60 cd4). I just started ART and I’m feeling better, even thinking to working out again from home.
What are my chances of surviving and recovering?


Thanks for getting in touch.

It’s great to hear that you’re feeling better and that you’re looking to the future. This is really important.

Though your CD4 count is low, people are diagnosed with CD4’s much lower than 60 and they recover perfectly fine. The important thing is to take your meds and to look after yourself.

When thinking about HIV, it’s important to understand that HIV is no longer the illness it used to be. HIV is now very easy to treat and once a person is on  effective treatment their life expectancy won’t be any different to negative people. Please see Q10 here for more info: https://i-base.info/qa/what-are-the-most-asked-questions


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Lisa

    My partner and I are both taking medication.

    I’m glad to hear that it won’t have an impact on our health. I was just concerned about reinfection.

  2. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Anonymous,

    The short answer is no. You having sex without a condom won’t have an impact on your health as you’re on medication. However, is there any reason why your partner isn’t on meds?

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve been on the meds for 4 months but my partner (who is also positive) and I haven’t been using a condom. Is it possible that the ARV’s haven’t been working because of that?

  4. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Anonymous,

    It’s great that you’ve been on HIV treatment (ART) for 4 months. And it’s good that you are taking Telatri. This pill contains tenofovir, lamivudine and dolutegravir (TLD). TLD starts to work very quickly from when you first take it.

    The amount of HIV in your blood, called viral load, can drop by 90% within the first few days. And by 99% within the first few weeks.

    This gives your CD4 count the chance to recover. But the CD4 count usually recovers at a more slowly but steady rate.

    Please see this page from ART in Pictures. It shows how viral load goes down and CD4 count goes up, once ART is started.

  5. Anonymous

    My CD4 count was 266 when I found out. I started my meds in April, so it’s been 4 months now. Is it possible that my CD4 count is over 300 now? Clinic said they’ll test after 6 months but I’m just curious to know. I have been on Telatri


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