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Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe if I use chems like crystal meth, GHB or mephedrone?


Yes, the vaccines do not interact with drugs used for chemsex.

However, taking a break from the chems for the week of the vaccine will make it easier to know whether you get any side effects.

If the social context for using chems means you are having more partners, the protection from the vaccine will be especially important.

Also, if your current situation or pattern of chem use makes it difficult to have a break for a week, it is still a good idea to get the COVID vaccine as soon as it is available.

This is one of more than 65 questions about COVID vaccines. It was produced by and for people living with HIV.
Q&A on COVID vaccines: are they safe and effective?


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Joyce,

    No there won’t be an interaction. As noted in the post.

  2. joyce

    what if he uses meth today and have covid 19 vaccine tomorrow.. does it affects it.. just helping a friend..

  3. Simon Collins

    Hi Third, the risk comes from having myocarditis and shooting meth.

    The COVID vaccine is irrelevant in this situation. Meth is the drug that is linked with many serious health problems. This probably includes higher risk if you caught COVID-19, which makes the vaccines even more important to take.

    Please don’t worry about the vaccines – these are really safe and effective.

  4. Third

    Just a technical question. What if someone who has gotten myocarditis (but who weren’t aware of it) went on to shoot meth within 2 weeks of his second covid vaccine dose, what is the most likely situation to happen?

  5. Simon Collins

    Hi Anthony, thanks – and great you are both going for the second vaccine. Please remember that it takes two weeks after the jab for protection to develop. It is important though that you have this. No safety problems have been reported between the vaccine and meth use – and no-one will have died. I am sure you will both be fine.

  6. Anthony

    Hi so i inject meth eveyday twice a day me and my bf are going for our jab on2 days from today. Are we going to be fine? Has any meth addicts died after getting the jab?


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