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Will anti-inflammatory foods help if I am on ART?

Hi, I have been on ARV and undetectable since March.

I read many articles saying even undetectable amount of HIV causes chronic inflammation that might lead to many ageing diseases.

 I was wondering if any of those anti-inflammation foods and supplements are proven to reduce it. I am thinking to take Omega-3 and turmeric supplements in addition to anti-inflammation diet.

Thank you so much, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for your question and for letting us post the answer online.

You are right that HIV increases immune inflammation – and that this might increase the risk of some complications. Luckily, this is dramatically reduced by being on ART.

However, you are also right that even on ART, inflammation remains a little higher compared to people who are HIV negative.

Unfortunately, using anti-inflammatory medicines haven’t shown any benefit. This means that foods or supplement will also not help – as any anti-inflammatory effect with these will be much smaller.

These foods might have other benefits, and won’t do you any harm though – other than the money you spends on them.


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