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What is risk of passing on HIV if someone is undetectable?

What are the chances of an undetectable person to pass on the virus to a negative person?


The answer is zero.

This is so long as someone is good at taking their meds and their viral load is less than 200 copies/mL.

Please see this link for more information.


  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Moh,d. You should have trusted and listened to your partner. She is right that being on effective treatment means there is zero risk to you, even if you didn’t use a condom. There was no need to use PEP and this would not have been prescribed in the UK. You can also stop the paranoia with all these tests. Please read here about U=U:

  2. Moh,d

    Good afternoon sir\m.I need help from these website mistakely i have sex with hiv positive girl condom broke i withdrawn from her as i notice the condom broke.i went to the hospital i start pep within 24hour of expourse,the following day the girl told me to stop worry she was in hiv treatment more than three years.after pep i test hiv negative 8times the last want is three month7 and 18days of expourse 78days after pep.is my hiv test is conclusive i didn’t have hiv please help me in order my mind to be rest.


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