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How should I take dolutegravir and lamivudine?

I was just diagnosed (HIV positive) and today I am starting to use dolutegravir (1x 50 mg) and lamivudin (2 x 150 mg). My questions are:

1. Is it okay to drink chamomile tea before half hour of drinking my drugs?

2. Should I take the medicine on an empty stomach or on a full stomach?

3. If empty stomach, how many hours before drugs should I stop eating?


Hi there

Thanks for your questions and for letting us answer these online.

Also, how are you doing? Finding out you are HIV positive is not always easy, even though the meds are now really effective and easy to take.

Great that you have also started HIV treatment.

Dolutegravir and lamivudine can be taken at the same time, with or without food. It is better to take them in the morning or during the day though. This is because dolutegravir stops some people sleeping when it is taken at night.

It is also fine to drink camomile tea at any time.


  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Daff, if you are worried about the 40 hour gap, just take your last evening dose at 00:15 and the dose the next day at 16:00. hen you will still take your meds every day.

  2. Daff

    Hi Simon,

    My last question :(

    Now I am using my drugs at 12:15 am (that is 00:15). It is ok to make new drug hour as 4 pm (that is 16:00).

    If I change the time with the method you mentioned, it will be 40 hours since the previous dose. Does this create a question?

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Simon Collins

    Hi Daff – thanks – of course it is easy to ask more Qs :)

    1. Easy to change when ever you like. Instead of taking your meds one night, just wait until the morning for your next dose. Then continue at the new time.

    2. The few drug interactions do include antacids – but only if they contain calcium, magnesium or aluminium. Look on the ingredients to check. If yes, then this just means separating the dolutegravir dose. These products need to be taken a minimum of two hours after dolutegravir or six hours before.

    3. There are no interactions bewtween alcohol and any HIV meds. Especially if just in moderation.

    Please tell your doctor about all this when you next meet – nothing urgent. I am surprised your doctor dais to tak these at night.

    Also, please see these two links for more info on each drug.

  4. Daff

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for your answers.

    I think I got used to this new situation, I am trying to cope with this new situation with the support of my relatives.

    I have a few more questions if it is possible to ask?

    1) Unfortunately, I took my first pills before bed (the doctor recommended it that way). Is it possible for me to change these hours in the future? If possible, how could it be?

    2) Is there any harm in using these drugs with the PPI (proton pump inhibitor) group of drugs (esomeprazole, lansopralose, omepraloze etc)? How many hours should there be between them?

    3) Is there any harm in using these drugs with alcohol (2 glasses of beer) ? How many hours should there be between them?


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