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Can I switch from breastfeeding to formula?

Hi, I’m HIV positive and my baby tested negative on her 6 week visit. I’m thinking of switching her to formula, she’s 2 months, I’m going back to work and my breast milk is slow for pumping. Is it possible to do so?


Hi there, congratulations on your new baby. This is an exciting time for you. Your baby testing negative is excellent news, you are doing a great job.

The guidelines for breastfeeding vary depending on where you are. I-Base is based in the UK and sometimes guidelines are different for those in SA. Please ask your healthcare provider about this question to make sure the advice is most suited for where you are.

Sometimes circumstances, e.g., going back to work, change and you might need to switch and it is usually okay. But talking to your local HIV clinic will provide the best advise for when and how to go about this.



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