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Giving my newborn Nevirapine for 6 weeks.

Hi, I am HIV positive and my viral load is been undetected. My baby is now 3 weeks old and formula fed. Her Nevirapine is running out, it will be finished before her six weeks check up. Should I be worried, or is 50ml of Nevirapine meant for 4 weeks or 6 weeks?


Hi, how are you doing?

Congratulations on having a baby. The duration of Nevirapine depends on babies risk to infection. As you are undetectable this means there is a low risk.

As a low risk mother who is formula feeding her baby, 4 weeks is a suitable time for Nevirapine. WHO guidelines (used in South Africa) recommend 4-6 weeks of Nevirapine for babies who are being formula fed from low risk mothers.

Without knowing the dose of Nevirapine you have been given, I am unable to comment if the 50ml was to last 4 or 6 weeks.



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