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Why do I need to take Aciptega and Novatrim at different times?

Good day. Please help here. I am on treatment for HIV: Novatrim, Olegra and Acriptega. I found out I was HIV positive last month. I’ve been taking my medication at 9 pm but now I’ve been told to take Novatrim and Olegra in the morning, then Acriptega in the evening. Please help I am confused.


Hi Ntombi, how are you doing?

It is likely you have been informed to do this because of a possible interaction between Acriptega and Novatrim. Though not studied, it is thought that Novatrim can increase how much Acriptega is absorbed in the body. Although if your Novatrim is in a liquid form it has shown to do the reverse and reduce how much Acriptega is absorbed by the body.

This is a link to the table that explains the interaction:


As you have already been taking your medication in the evening, between the 3 it makes the most sense to keep Acriptega at this time. It’s a combination of 3 drugs and it is best to not change if it is possible.



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