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I had a potential exposure part way through my course of PEP.

Hi, I had a sexual encounter and within 60 hours I started PEP. 2 days after I had another sexual encounter while I was on PEP. Can my 2nd exposure cause HIV? And what are the chances as I am already on PEP.


HI, how are you doing?

What is your combination that you are using for PEP. A number of combinations include the same medications that can be used for PrEP. Meaning they can prevent infection while you are on your course of PEP. These medication inc. tenofovir and emtricitabine.

As this 2nd exposure was only 2 days into your course of PEP and you had already begun, there is no need to extend your course of PEP. It will be just as effective regardless of timing. The 2nd exposure will not be a concern for risk.

While on PEP many people choose to not have sex or use a condom when unaware of their own status. This helps reduce risk for both yourself and any potential partners.



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