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I missed a dose of ARVs while breastfeeding. Is my baby at risk?

Hi, I missed taking my ARVs last night and I’m breastfeeding, will this affect my baby? The reason I missed my dose is because i’m visiting home so I left them at my place. Can I continue breastfeeding until my next dose tonight or must I take it immediately when I get them from the clinic?


Hi, how are you doing?

Congratulations on your new baby. Missing a single dose is not going to risk yours or your babies health. You can continue taking your ARVs as you normally do, there is no need to take an additional dose.

HIV medication remains active in the body longer than 24 hours. Missing a single dose is not a long enough time for the medication to stop working. It is also not enough time for HIV to start replicating. You can continue to breastfeed your baby in this time.



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