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Chromium Picolinate and dolutegravir.

My doctor prescribed me Chromium Picolinate (CP), one pill every morning together with breakfast. I have already taken 3 pills (3 days) now. Just checked interaction of CP with dolutegravir (that I take every morning at 9:00am). I couldn’t find any interaction between CP and dolutegravir, but there is major interaction between Iron supplements and dolutegravir. Now I am afraid, if there is interaction with iron does it mean that there is interaction with CP as well? In that case my 3 days intake chrome supplement together with dolutegravir can reduce dolutegravir level in blood?


Hi, how are you?

There is no interaction between Chromium Picolinate and dolutegravir. Chromium and Iron are different supplements and have different effects on the body. Iron is taken at a different time to dolutegravir to ensure Iron does not reduce dolutegravir absorption. Chromium does not have this action. It is safe to take them together.

What have you been prescirbed Chromium Picolinate for? In the UK it is not prescribed as it is a supplement and it does not have a strong evidence base for use. There is no research to suggest that it helps improve health.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Mahmood, thank you for replying. Some studies have suggested its benefit towards insulin resistance. If it is helping with your blood sugar levels this is good news.

  2. Mahmood

    I have been prescribed Chromium picolinate to reduce my glucose level in blood.. It is 6.9 now


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