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Is it okay to eat before and after taking my ARVs?

Hello. Is it okay to eat a full meal before or after drinking my HIV medicine?


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This answer largely depends on which ARVs you are taking. There are a few that have interactions or suggestions on how to take them, however efavirenz is usually the main medication with a dietary requirement.

Taking efavirenz with a high fat meal can increase the levels of efavirenz. For example, with fried foods, or a curry, or after full-fat milk or cheese, or chocolate etc.

The increased levels of efavirenz wont stop the meds from working, but they might mean you don’t sleep as well. Or that you have vivid dreams or bad dreams. Or your moods might change and make you more anxious or upset.

It is okay though to eat other foods that don’t contain a lot of fat.



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