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I took PrEP one hour before sex.

I had oral sex but didn’t swallow. I took 2 PrEP only an hour before instead of 2 hours before. I’m missing 2 teeth that have not been filled in yet causing my gums to bleed.

Should I be worried about this because I didn’t take it 2 hours before?


Hi, how are you doing?

No you should not be worried. Oral sex carries a very low risk of transmission. Saliva contains antiviral properties making transmission via oral sex very difficult as the virus is often killed in the saliva.

There is not a reason to be concerned because of the type of sex, however how you took PrEP, it would be unlikely to work. This is because the body needs time to absorb the HIV medication. 1 hour is not long enough to do this, which is why there is a minimum of 2 hours required. It needs this time to build up the level of PrEP within your body to a level that can afford protection.



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