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I took on-demand PrEP an hour earlier each day.

Hello, I took PrEP the on-demand way, but I am worried about something. I took PrEP at 24:00 on Thursday and I had sex at 20:00-22:00 on Friday. I took PrEP again at 22:50 on Friday, 21:45 one pill on Saturday and 21:05 on Sunday. Every time I took one an hour early, so maybe this is the not right way. The question is, will I be protected taking PrEP like this? Hope answer me soon, thanks.


Hi, how are you doing?

Yes, how you have taken PrEP will protect you.

The general course of on demand PrEP is a double dose 2-24 hours before sex (which you did) followed by 1 dose 24 hours after the first, and a second 24 hours after this dose.

You were an hour earlier with each of your subsequent doses however you took an additional dose on the third day. This means there would have been enough medication in your body to work as PrEP. It is likely this last dose was not even needed.

On-demand dosing example. 



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