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Why am I positive after so many years?

Hi there, I had sex in 2010, the with one other lady. Then I got married in 2014 and in 2016 my wife tested HIV negative. She was also negative in 2018 and 2019 when trying for a baby.

My son was born a little later and he is negative and my wife is still negative.

This month I tested hiv positive test due to blood infection for an operation. I have not had other partnes since 2014.


hi there

I sounds like you did not expect this test result. If not, then it is worth checking that the clinic has run a second test to confirm this first result. This is normally done, but it is good to check.

I am sorry about your result – it sounds like you have probably been HIV positive since before 2014. How are you? Do you have access to treatment and support?

Although finding out you are positive can be difficult, it does mean you can get access to treatment.

This makes it good that you have found out now, before you became more ill.

It also sounds like your partners and children have been lucky. HIV is not transmitted every time, even if condoms are not always used. Q5 at this link explains this a bit more:

Have you been able to talk about this to your friends or family yet? Or to a health counsellor? How is your partner taking the news?


  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Raj, where are you based? In most countries if you have tested positive you are able to start treatment immediately. This is regardless of your status as a potential elite controller or the level of your CD4 count.

  2. raj

    I am 2010 HIV positive my marrege 2014 my children’s 2016 baby gril and 2019 baby boy bron my wife and childran HIV negetive my without treatment my viral load undetected cd4 sell count 651 I think hiv elite controller con l take treatment

  3. Simon Collins

    Hi Rajesh, thanks, you and your family have been lucky through all this. Please continue to see you doctor for monitoring your CD4 and viral load. In the UK, everyone is recommended to use ART.

  4. rajesh

    take my ART treatment sir I have a different sex 2010 i.e.12 years in the middle marriage and children were all negative. I am positive but I have no health problems so far. what should I think?

  5. Simon Collins

    Hi Rajesh, thanks for posting your results. A small percentage of people have similar strong response to HIV. It is still important to have your CD4 nd viral load routinely monitored in case anything changes in the future.

    This link has more info:

  6. rajesh

    hi. my health is good at present. I am not on any treatment. My cd4 cell count is 651 and my viral load is undetectable.


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