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What do I need to know before starting ART?

Hi, I need to start the ART – what are the points I need to consider?


hi there, thanks for getting in touch.

First of all, how are you?

Are you only recently diagnosed? If yes, are you getting the support you need?

Although it can be difficult to find out you are positive, this is much better than not knowing. Starting ART will protect your health for many years.

Modern ART is very effective and safe.

It is also good to know…

  • Which meds your doctor recommends? You can then find out info about them – and also ask about alternatives.
  • That adherence is really important. Making sure you don’t miss doses is especially important when you first start.
  • Whether there are side effects. If yes, what to to out for.
This online guide has a lot more info on all these things.


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