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Will the flu reduce my CD4 count?

Hi guys , I had a severe flu and I decided to take on an HIV test. I rarely get sick and stuff like so I got worried with this flu. I had it a month ago so I took the test and it came back positive. My question now is will the flu and just being unwell significantly compromise my CD4 count?


Hi, how are you doing?

Have you been able to talk with anyone/adjust to recently testing positive for HIV.

Having flu can have a short-term impact on your CD4 count. This is true of any infection, but by how much depends on your current CD4 count and how active HIV is within your body.

Are you on ARVs? ARVs will help stop HIV reducing your CD4 count and allow them to recover. This is what would normally happen after an infection in those without HIV. Do you know what CD4 count currently is?



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