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Is it possible for HIV to be in clinical latency in the body for 39 years?

Is it possible for HIV to be in clinical latency in the body for 39 years?


Hi, how are you?

Can I check what you mean by clinical latency?

  • Viral load undetectable.
  • Unaffected CD4 count.

In theory this is possible, but it also might mean that HIV might be cured. This happened to a woman called Loreen Willenberg was HIV positive for 30 years with a high CD4 count and undetectable viral load.

However this is difficult to comment on. Given the time you have specified there are little to no study available on this to offer definitive evidence. This is because studies would have been required to have a 40 year window to observe patients and this is already a very small pool of individuals – estimated to be around 0.5% of all those living with HIV.

Is there a reason you are asking?



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Lutu, any test after 3 months will be conclusive. You do not have HIV. The risk of HIV transmission from oral sex is very low because saliva has antiviral properties making transmission difficult. Have you spoken to a doctor about your symptoms?

  2. Lutu

    It has been three yeara now after being exposed to HIV through oral sex receive blow job on penis. I have done more than 10 elisa hiv tests with various reputable labs. Tests are negative till to date. However, i had all acute illness and i have white caoted tongue that dont go away, gums problems, hands and feet numbess, jointa cracking,


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