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Should I take Volutrip as PEP?

I’m HIV negative. At the clinic, they gave me Volutrip after I had told them I had unprotected sex. They told me to take them until they are finished, and then they’d start giving me PrEP after prescribing Volutrip medication. Do I start to consume the treatment or not?


Hi, how are you doing?

Yes, you should start to take Volutrip. Volutrip is a generic version of TLD which can be used as PEP – circumstances after a high risk exposure of HIV to prevent transmission.

This course should last 28 days and is most effective if started within 72 hours of exposure.

PrEP will be given to you after taking PEP as to avoid needing PEP in the future. PrEP is a medication you can take BEFORE possible sexual HIV exposure to prevent transmission. You can decide to take it daily or on an as and when approach depending on your lifestyle.



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