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Can I get a tattoo if I am undetectable?

Hello, I have been on ART for about 5 years (4 years with Genvoya and 1 year Biktarvy) and my viral load is undetectable.

I would like to get a tattoo but there would be bleeding during the tattoo procedure. Is there a transmission risk during the bleeding although my viral load is undetectable?

Or the transmission risk is low due to being undetectable?


Hi, how are you doing?

Yes, it is easy and safe to get a tattoo.

There is no additional risk to either you or the tattoo artist from HIV.

This is not because of U=U though. It is because tattoo are given under sterile conditions.

As long as you use a reputable tattoo artist that follows appropriate hygiene techniques there is no risk of transmission. This involves using gloves, single-use ink pots and disposable needles/tubing.

Great to hear you are doing well on treatment too.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi F, HIV cannot exist out of the body. This is regardless of ink. Even if the ink pots are not being changed, they should be being washed. In this instance, the ink pot does not carry a risk of transmission. Rather using single-use is best practise to avoid any risk of transmission.

  2. F

    Hi, what about if they dont use single use ink pots. Would there be any risk for the next person tattooed with the same ink pot?


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