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Will PEP work if it was in below 0 degrees temperature?

Hello! I had sexual intercourse. For fear of HIV, I went to the hospital and got PEP. PEP is a post-exposure prophylaxis which I adopt to prevent HIV after exposure. It is taken for 28 days, but I was afraid to take it for two months. The fear was that I was outside for several hours, with a temperature of minus 2 degrees. On drugs it says to store at a temperature of 25 degrees. The drugs are emtricitabine / tenofovir, darunavir and ritonavir. Could 4 hours at minus 2 degrees C make these drugs effective?


Hi, how are you?

You have mentioned that you did not take PEP for 2 months. Does this mean you waited 2 months after exposure before starting PEP? PEP needs to be started within 72 hours of the exposure. At 2 months PEP would no longer be effective and you would need to test to confirm your status.

A lot of medication have requirements to be kept below 25 degrees. This is to stop temperature breaking the medication down. PEP being in very cold temperatures for a short while is not going to effect how well it works. It is also likely the medication was not this cold if it was in your pocket or something similar.



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