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Can five seconds without a condom be a risk? And in the US?

Hi i have a question. I have been HIV+ for about like 2 months now. i have also been taking my medication daily and I live in the US. My question is can i spread HIV to someone if i put it in for 5 seconds without a condom ?


Hi there

Thanks for writing – good you are now doing well on meds now to.

Finding out you have HIV can still be tough but it does get easier. I hope you are doing well.

There are several parts to this question though.

Five seconds without a condom is not likely to be an HIV risk anyway. This is so long as you have no pre-cum and don’t cum.

As you have been on treatment for two months, your viral load will be very low. This would technically make it even less of a risk. If your viral load is already undetectable then this risk becomes zero – even if you had full sex without a condom and did cum.

But you can only rely on this by your latest viral load test.

Some guidelines say that one having one undetectable viral load test is enough to stop any risk. Others say that there should be two undetectable viral load results first.

Your question also raises the problem of whether the law recognises this as zero risk. So even if the risk is zero, if your partner did not know you are HIV positive, they might be able to say this is assault. In some countries, this is even if there is not risk and no transmission.

There is still a lot of prejudice and discrimination about HIV. In is still illegal in many US States to have any type of sex without telling your partner if you are living with HIV.

Luckily, some States are changing these old laws. But other people in the US are still in prison after their partners went to the police = even if there was no HIV transmission.

The SERO project in the US has more info on this.


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