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Will starting HIV meds at 4 weeks protect my baby.

Hello I’m lovely, I just find out I’m HIV+ and 4 weeks pregnant. I just started taking meds. Will this help me and protect my unborn baby and I have not told anyone about my diagnosis.


Hi, how are you?

Yes. Starting meds will help keep both you and baby safe.

Many women find out much later in their pregnancy about their HIV status. They still go on to have healthy, HIV negative babies.

It is safe and recommended to take HIV medication while you are pregnant – they have no risk to harming baby.

Please see here for infant prophylaxis. 

Baby will have their own medication for a short while after birth to further reduce risk of transmission.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Do you have anyone you can speak with about being HIV positive? Do you have supportive friends/family or a doctor you can talk to?



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