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Have I done on-demand PrEP right?

So I have a question. Not sure if on-demand PrEP works like this.

Thursday: Took 2 pills at 4pm (didn’t have sex as expected).
Friday: Took 1 pill at 4pm. Had sex at 2AM
Saturday: Took 1 pill at 630pm. Had sex at 9pm.
Sunday: Took 1 pill at 3pm.
Monday: Took 1 pill at 3pm

Did on-demand prep work with this regimen. This is my 1st time doing it.


Hi, how are you doing?

Yes. This is how on-demand PrEP works.

As long as you had the double dose 2-24 hours before your first sexual encounter and 2 single doses after your last, PrEP will work. This is what you did.

As you kept your PrEP at a similar time each day throughout, PrEP will have worked.



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