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Can I take Odimune in the evening?

Hi, the clinic put me on new meds, Odimune. I am taking it in morning as they said but it’s making dizzy and I vomit a lot after drinking it. I tried once drinking it in evening and did not not feel dizzy or vomit but am scared to change to evenings without my doctor not knownig about it. Is it safe? I need to work and I cant please help.


Hi, how are you doing?

Odimune is recommended to be taken in the evening. I am unsure why your clinic suggested otherwise.

Odimune contains efavirenz which is often the drug which causes most side effects associated with Odimune. Taking it in the evening will allow you to sleep through the side effects and should not have a significant impact on your life if at all.

As long as you are still taking your medication daily, there is no risk to changing the time of medication. The most important thing is that you take it every day and at a time that best suits you – if this will be the evening, you will be okay to change this.

Because Odimune does contain efavirenz, do not take it at the same time as a high fat meal. This can increase how much efavirenz is absorbed by the body and make the side effects worse.



  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Thomas, Odimune is not used as PEP in the UK because of these side effects. Please contact the doctor that prescribed the Odimune to see whether there are alternative options.

  2. Thomas

    Last night I took one tablet of Odimune and have had strange dreams, feeling dizzy and a bit of skin rash. The doctor said I must take these pills for the next 28 days but now I can’t go through what I went through last night. I am wondering If I can just stop it. I am HIV negative but was just afraid that my partner could have infected me since I do not know her HIV status.
    Please advise


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