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If I am positive, can I have a healthy baby?

I am HIV positive, but my viral load is low; that is undetectable. But my partner is asymptomatic. Tested but no symptoms yet. Can we have a healthy HIV negative baby?


Hi, how are you doing?

Do you mean your partner is positive but is not taking treatment? If this is the case is there a reason why not?

While your partner is not taking treatment, there is no risk of resistance to your own treatment. Your treatment will act as prevention from any further exposure.

As you are undetectable, having a healthy HIV negative baby is very possible. Treatment does not harm baby and is the best way to prevent transmission. Baby will also be given their own treatment.

Many HIV positive women all over the world have healthy, HIV negative babies. Using treatment and baby having medication significantly reduces the risk of transmission. As you are already are of your status and already undetectable, it is more than likely you will have a healthy baby.



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