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When is the best time to take Ranega?

Hi, am Sipho. I have started my treatment just for a few weeks now. I am not experiencing anything out of the ordinary as yet. My question is, what’s the right time to take Ranega? And would you say it’s the best drug for a pregnant person?


Hi Sipho, how are you?

It is great that you are not experiencing anything out of the ordinary. What time are you currently taking Ranega?

Ranega is a generic version of TLD. This means that it contains dolutegravir. This is the drugs that can cause common side effects assocaited with Ranega. The most common being sleeplessness. People avoid this side effect by taking the medication in the morning – this is when it is recommended to take it. Taking in the morning means the side effects should wear of before bed and not effect sleep.

Ranega is suitable for pregnancy. There is no one HIV drug that is best in pregnancy. All HIV medication is suitable to be taken throughout. Treatment is the best way to keep both you and and baby healthy. As long as Ranega is working for you, it will be the best for you to take while pregnant also.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Sandra, how much weight have you lost? and are you taking Ranega as PEP or ART?

    Ranega is recommended to be taken in the day to avoid problems sleeping. If you are still sleeping fine you don’t need to change the time you are taking it.

    Has anything else changed recently that could effect your weight e.g., eating more/less, stress, more activity…?

  2. Sandra

    I started taking Ranega on the 26 May 2023 and since then, I’ve lost weight drastically, what can I do. Secondly, I read that, it’s recommended to take it during the day, I’m s taking at night, can I be able to change and take in the morning?


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