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Should I be worried that my viral load is not considered undetectable?

Hi, I have been Hiv positive now for 3 years. I started treatment within weeks of actually catching Hiv ( I am 100% certain of when I contracted the virus ) I go for blood tests every 6 months and they always come back with a viral load of 50, my doctor tells me, they only class you has undetectable if under 50. Is this correct please? My CD4 count usually comes in around 700-800. Can you please tell me, would these results give thought for concern, and with these type of results, is the virus causing harm to my body. Kindest Regards, Craig


Hi Craig, how are you doing?

No. You do not need to be concerned about your viral load. Your treatment is working and U=U applies. This means you cannot pass on HIV to someone via sex because your viral load is below 200. This also means that HIV is not impacting your health. This is also proven by your CD4 count being in a healthy range.

The threshold for being undetectable is different between types of test and different countries. Some tests can detect as low as 20, while others cannot read below 1000. This means that using one of these tests, someone would be undetectable at 999. Though these are less often used.

The virus is not causing harm to your body.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Great to hear Craig, good to hear that you’re in a better position.

  2. Craig

    Many thanks Josh for confirming that. It has taken a huge amount of concern off me. I am now in a much better position and also understanding of the viral load. Thanks Again.


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