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What if I haven’t talked to my partner about HIV?

if ur galfriend is negative and u u ar positive bt da gal doesn’t knw it ?What can u do


Hi there

This is a common question we get an so I know your situation is difficult.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer or even a right answer to this.

If you are taking HIV meds and have an undetectable viral load, then at least your prtner is not at risk of HIV. See this link for info on U=U:

There is never an easy time to tell a partner about HIV and this will be different for every person. Early on can feel too soon if you don’t know much about someone. Later, there is always pressure for why you didn’t say something earlier. It will depend on your partners knowledge and views about HIV.

Even if you don’t have this discussion, not sharing this information can be stressful for you, even when you know your partner is not at risk.

Hopefully, if you both have a real connection, your partnership might get stronger by being able to talk about this. Other times, partners can use this as a reason to not take the partnership any further.


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