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Will my viral load rebound if I missed a day?

Hi there….. was undetectable but missed one tablet as I was away an extra day and didn’t take enough for the unexpected stay.
As soon as I got home I took two tablets (currently on Biktarvy). Have been undetectable for over 10 years….. would this one slip affect my viral load/status at all?


Hi, how are you?

Missing one day is not going to risk you no longer being undetectable. Biktarvy has a long half life. This means that it will remain active in the body longer than 24 hours. For this reason missing a days medication is not going to risk a rebound.

From being undetectable on treatment, rebound will usually occur from a week of missing treatment, not one day.

You also do not need to take 2 doses the next day if this happens again. Continuing with your medication as normal after a missed dose is suitable.


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