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Will on-demand PrEP still work?

I took on-demand PrEP 1 hour and 30 minutes before sex. My sexual activity is high risk for HIV. We used drugs (no needle) and have sex for a long time, about 3 hours. He injured his dick and I injured by my anus. So in my case is on-demand PrEP still effective or does it not work? And should I use PEP in this situation?


Hi, how are you doing?

PrEP is still effective regardless of the type of sex you have. As long as you take it as recommended PrEP will work.

On-demand dosing involves taking a double-dose 24 to 2 hours before sex. Don’t worry about taking this a little late, but please remember to take the rest of the PrEP. This includes a single pill roughly 24 hours after the first pills. Then a final single pill 24 hours after this.


So long as you do this, PEP is not needed.



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