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Where can I test for HIV in the UK?

I had unprotected sex in July. About mid October (96 days after) I started a cold which is still now lingering on my chest – and it ‘feels’ different to a normal cold more like bronchitis. I don’t have a fever or rash or any other symptoms. However I am sleeping very poorly and am breaking out in cold sweats during the day which I think is as much down to worry as anything else. I am married with a family and obviously beside myself with worry if I have contracted HIV.

Is the occurance of this cold within or outside of the likely timeline for initial symptoms to occur?

How much am I confusing my worry with the genuine symptoms?

I know the only way to find out is to have a test. Is there anywhere I can go confidentially beside my local GP?

Thank you


The Bristish Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH)home page lets you search for sexual health clinics by postcode. These services are all in confidence.

The receptionist at your GP can also tell you your local clinic without you having to give your name.

Your symptoms do not sound like HIV, but can easily from worry or stress.

It is easy to test. As the potential exposure was more than 3 months ago, the test will be very accurate.

Updated in September 2018 from a question first answered in November 2007.