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How often should my blood tests be monitored?

Which blood monitoring are collected on TLD (Trenvir)? When must we monitor CD4 and viral load?


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While on TLD it is advised to have your kidney function tested before starting treatment. TLD contains tenofovir and in cases where the kidney function is not high enough, tenofovir can worsen kidney function. This test is only done regularly when kidney function is low and still using combinations involving tenofovir.

When on established ART it is recommended that viral load be tested within the first 6 months. After establishing that treatment is working, viral load monitoring can then be done every 12 months.

When on established treatment. It is not required to routinely monitor CD4 count. If viral load monitoring is not available, CD4 measures can be substituted along with clinical assessment by a doctor.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Woobay, why do you not want to go for a check-up. It is great to continue taking treatment but without checking your bloods every so often it is impossible to know if it is still working. While it is rare for something to cause treatment to not work, it is important that you pik up on this early to prevent HIV having any further impact on your own, or your partners health.

  2. Woobay

    What if I’m not going for check up again. But still taking the medication


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