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I switched to formula. Is there a risk to my baby?

Hi, I’m a concerned parent. I stopped breastfeeding my child at six weeks and then started giving her formula. I continued giving NVP and ZNV for a month, what are the chances of my baby getting infected? Not my viral load was 00 copies at the time.


Hi, how are you doing?

Congratulations on having a baby.

Since you have stopped breastfeeding has your baby had an HIV test?

Moving exclusively to formula feeding does not risk transmission. As baby continued with NVP and ZNV for another month after switching the risk is minimal. You did everything right.

As your own viral load is undetectable you have minimised the risk of HIV transmission to as little as possible. There is no reason to be worried that your child will have HIV.

If they are yet to test after stopping breastfeeding, this will be the last test they require. If they have already had one they will not require a second.



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