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Can I change abacavir and lamivudine dosing?

Hi, I live in Zambia and I was recently changed to be taking abavavir 300 mg (twice daily) lamivudine 150mg (twice daily) and DTG 50 mg (once a day).

I tried to maintain and follow the instructions but I keep forgetting to take the twice-daily drugs.

I decided to take all the drugs once but I’ve increased the dosage of the twice daily drugs. Am I doing something really bad as I have not told my doctor about this


Hi there

Thanks for your Q and it is really good that you asked about this.

Both abacavir and lamivudine can both be taken as once daily meds at the same time as the dolutegravir.

This means taking the morning and evening doses at the same time. Please do not increase the total daily dosing of any of your meds.

Your new dosing will be:

2 x abacavir 300 mg + 2 x lamivudine 150 mg + 1 x doluteravir 50 mg,

You can take these all at the same time.

Please also tell you doctor about this – and I am sorry that your doctor didn’t give you this information earlier.

best wishes



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