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No meds for 10 days and I am breastfeeding…

Hi, i’m breastfeeding and I have not taken my ARVs for 10 days now. I’m far from my clinic and couldn’t get my meds. Am I risking my baby’s life? I cant even sleep, i’m worried.


Hi, how are you doing?

Congratulations on having a baby. How old are they?

Do you know what your viral load was before you ran out of meds? and is baby taking their own medication?

If you started with an undetectable viral load and baby has their own treatment the risk of transmission will be very small.

If you are unable to access your meds soon can you consider switching baby to formula? The longer you are off your own medication, your viral load will begin to increase. As viral load increases this can increase the risk of transmission. This is true even if baby has their own treatment.



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