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My baby has a cough. Does this mean they have HIV?

I started taking my HIV medication on the 7th month of my pregnancy because that was when I tested positive. I had a vaginal birth and after birth my baby took nevirapine for a week and stopped for about a month because I couldn’t get the full dose for him and now he started taking it again. Now he has consistent cough that has refused to stop, my question is;
1. Is it possible for him to have the virus
2. Could the cough be as a result of the virus


Hi, how are you doing?

Congratulations on having a baby.

It is great that you were able to start treatment while you were pregnant. Even for a month or two before giving birth, this will greatly reduce the risk of transmission to baby.

How is baby being fed e.g., breast or formula?

How long has baby had this cough? It is not uncommon for a baby to have a cough. While it could be possible that HIV caused this it is still not very likely as you were able to start treatment before they were being born.

Baby’s are very susceptible to getting ill. A baby having a cough is not uncommon but if it is lasting you should speak to a doctor about it. Has baby had any testing for HIV yet?



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