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Will my baby be positive?

Hi, I’m HIV positive and so is my partner. We are not using protection and I’m breastfeeding. Will my baby be positive?


Hi, how are you doing?

Congratulations on having a baby.

Are you and/or your partner on treatment? and do you know your viral load?

Does baby have their own treatment? Usually baby will be given nevirapine for the first few weeks after birth. This is explained more here.

Being HIV positive does not mean baby will also be HIV positive. Being on treatment yourselves and baby having their own will both significantly reduce the risk of transmission.

Many HIV positive women all over the world will have healthy HIV negative babies.

How is breastfeeding going? and is this the only way that baby is being fed? Before 6 months if you are using breastfeeding and formula together this can increase the risk of transmission. After 6 months this risk is no longer present.



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