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Should I switch to Dovato?

I am currently taking Biktarvy and have no problems with it and remain undetectable at each 6 monthly check up. However I am aware there is a 2 drug combination called Dovoto. Is it worth changing to this?
Been told Dovato gives nightmares, so what is the point on a new initiative drug if it has this side effect!


Hi, how are you doing?

It is great that you are doing well on Biktarvy and have remained undetectable.

Doavato is a 2 drug tablet that contains dolutegravir and lamivudine. Dovato does not cause nightmares, rather it can cause problems sleeping. This is because it contains dolutegravir. People avoid this side effect by taking it earlier in the day.

Doavato is a 2 drug tablet but it is often combined with another tablet to make it a 3-drug regimen. Usually this drug is tenofovir. Together it makes TLD.

Biktarvy is a newer combination and is usually recommended first line ahead of TLD when the option is available. For this reason as you are doing well on Biktarvy it would not be recommended to switch to a Daovato based regimen.



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