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I take by treatment within the same hour at different times…

Hi, I’m HIV positive and I’m on TLD. I’m not regular with my time taking the medications, I take them at different minutes still in the same hour. Is this a risk to develop drug resistance it’s been ongoing for like 2 weeks?

Example I may take todays does at 17:00 tomorrow at 17:10 next tomorrow 17:20 and the time for my medication is 17:00.

And also asides from taking my antiretroviral what else can I do to improve my health and live in addition to reduce the virus in my system and help me live longer?


Hi, how are you doing?

No. This will not effect your treatment. It is recommended to take your treatment at the same time each day, but doing so within the same hour will not cause your treatment to be less effective.

Is there a reason you are not taking your medication at the same time? You could set an alarm as a reminder to help with taking it at the same time?

While it is okay to not be too strict with timings, it does run the risk of not remaining within the hour and treatment becoming more poorly timed throughout as it gets more difficult to track.

Have you had any recent CD4 count/viral load tests?

Aside from ARVs, there is no further treatment you need to be taking. Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is the best way to keep healthy and live a long time. This is explained further here. 



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