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Recovery of CD4 count…

I’m 41 years old and was diagnosed with HIV positive on May this year. My CD4 count was 55, though I forgot to ask the doctor about my viral load. I’m on efavirenz, Tenof-em and bactrim. I’m not smoking, I’m not drinking alcohol. I’m a vegetarian and still have dairy and eggs in my diet. My next test will be on next week but the results will only be available next month. My question is how soon can my CD4 count reach above 200 or even reaching above 500? Is there any clinical results showing such quick recovery in a year?


Hi, how are you doing?

It is great to hear that you have already started treatment.

It’s good that you are taking Bactrim. This is often given to people when they have a CD4 count below 200. This is to prevent other infections that they may be at risk of while your immune system is recovering.

It is difficult to say how quickly CD4 count will recover. Often having a lower CD4 count to start with means recovery can be a slower process. It is very dependant on the person and how their body responds and recovers their CD4 count.

You are living a very healthy lifestyle and have started treatment. You are doing everything right for your CD4 count to recover. Within a year it would be expected that your CD4 count will be greater than 100 but it is not possible to be precise. It is possible that you can recover much quicker than this.



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