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Can smoking hash affect HAART?

Can smoking Hash affect the metabolism of HAART?


According to the studies that have been done so far, hash does not affect HAART. In some cases anecdotally people say that it has a therapeutic effect, especially in the cases of severe peripheral neuropathy. Hash can affect, however, adherence, as some people may miss or be delayed with taking thei doses and that can lead to developing resistance. Some of the other recreational drugs have interactions with some of the ARVs.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Mohit,
    Alcohol doesn’t interact with ARVs. But, if you’re very drunk you might forget to take your pills. You can see potential drug interactions with recreational drugs and ARVs here.

  2. Mohit

    Can I take a pill when I am drunk and stoned although I smoke regularly say 3-4 joints or chillums whatever available.
    I dont drink regularly say 3-4 times a month, is it OK if I am stoned n drunk and take the pill?

  3. Simon Collins

    Hi Arnold

    We were only answering the specific question of whether there are interactions between hash and HIV drugs, and there aren’t any.

    The question of health implications of using hash is more complicated. Several studies have confirmed that smoking hash is associated with similar health problems as smoking cigarettes, in terms of lung problems etc.

    Medical benefits from marijuana include pain relief (neuropathy) and as an appetite stimulant to help with weight loss/wasting (ie the medication dronabinol). There is a risk/benefit balance that each individual would need to make on managing chronic pain and risks of other long-term problem.

    At least in doing this though, it is good to know that their HIV drugs are not being altered in any dangerous way.

  4. Arnold

    I do not knw how true this is but if hash is a derivative of marijuana it still bafffles me as to how much good or bad it is to take hash and HAART,but I im of the opinion that because smoke itself predisposes the smoker to lung infections,there may be an implcation on health.

    Arnold Sokwa
    Botswana Treatment Literacy Coalition


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