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Can I try to conceive on efavirenz and Truvada?

I started treatment in 2010 because CD4 count dropped to 51.

In November 2011 my CD4 count was 196, and my viral load was undetectable.

My question is can I try to conceive when I am on efavirenz and Truvada.


Hi, thanks for your question which covers two things.

Firstly, it is good to conceive whilst on Truvada and efavirenz. Many thousands of women have done this and gone on to have healthy pregnancies and babies.

Secondly, having a baby is usually better once your CD4 count on ART has increased to about 200 cells/mm3 or higher. Your CD4 count is so close to 200 that this is also okay.

Talk to your doctor or clinic about your wish to become pregnant. They can help you through the process to help make sure you, your partner, and your baby all stay healthy throughout. If you have any problems please just get back in touch with us.

This guide to HIV, women’s health and pregnancy will answer a lot of the other questions you might have about having a baby while living with HIV.

There used to be some concern around efavirenz in pregnancy. This is no longer a concern. This medical review includes more information.

This answer was updated in January 2016 from a question first answered online on 26 March 2016.


  1. Rebecca McDowall

    Hi Evelyn,
    Many HIV positive women have healthy pregnancies and healthy, HIV negative babies. Please have a look at our pregnancy FAQs page for more information and then let me know if you still have any questions.

  2. Evelyn

    I am a lady age 33. My CD4 is 562 but i don’t start treatment yet. My partner is HIV negative and we want to start a family. Can i just become pregnant or must i wait for treatment? Will my baby be safe?

  3. Diana

    live it positive my sister, go on and have a baby


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