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Why have I been given Tribuss – is this an ARV?

I started taking Tribuss about two weeks ago.

I’d like to know what are the side effects of this medication and what is the difference between them and ARVs.

I was shocked when my doctor prescribed me with Tribuss instead of ARVs which I’m familiar with when people are HIV+?



Thanks for your email. How are you doing?

Tribuss is a pill that contains three HIV drugs (ARVs) – efavirenz, FTC and tenofovir DF.

It is one of the generic versions of the brand-name drug Atripla. For a picture of Tribuss see this link.

So your doctor has prescribed you ARVs, and this pill is very effective at treating HIV.

Side effects mainly related to the efavirenz. These include mood changes, sleep problems, vivid dreams (sometimes nightmares). Luckily, for most people, these usually get easier within the first few weeks. If not though, please talk to your doctor about different choices.

This link has more information about efavirenz side effects and how to manage them.

You guide is an Introduction to ART.

Because you are in South Africa, the Treatment Action Campaign may also have more information about treatment and support in SA.

Note: This answer was updated in February 2018 from a question first posted online in October 2013.


  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Khanya, it is very likely your treatment will continue to work – you can continue with Trisbuss. Is there a reason you missed your medication for a couple of weeks?

    As you have missed your treatment for a few weeks, do you access to a viral load test? After restarting your treatment, if you can test your viral load a few weeks later it will let you know if your medication is still working.

    You can be and should be on medication while you are looking to get pregnant. Treatment will keep both you and baby healthy.

  2. Khanya

    Hii I’m taking tribuss pills I don’t no if it is 2 or 3 weeks been not on treatment so today decided to be back on them so I want to know if they will work or not …and want to know if I could get pregnant should I continue with the tribuss or

  3. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Wanda, there is an interaction between Trisbuss and Triphasil. This being the efavirenz in Trisbuss reducing how much of the hormones in Triphasil will be absorbed. This means if you take them at the same time Triphasil may not work as well as expected. Would you be able to take Triphasil in the morning to prevent this interaction?


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