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My CD4 is 955, what’s my life expectancy?

I am HIV+. My last CD4 955. vL 35000.

I am not on ARVs and I am also T.B. patient.

What is my life expectancy?

plz answer me doctor plz



Thanks for your email. Please note that advocates at i-Base are not doctors and we have no formal medical training.

A CD4 count of 955 is very good and suggests your immune system is strong. You can read about CD4 count and viral load monitoring here.

Are you receiving treatment for your TB?

Lots of people ask us about life expectancy. With ARVs, started when you need them (usually with a CD4 count around 350) HIV+ people can have a very good life expectancy, similar to HIV negative people. There are lots of previous questions about this here.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Vivek,

    It sounds like you need some support. Is there someone that you can talk to, maybe a close friend or relative?

    Feeling like this is common. However, HIV is now a very manageable health condition. Because you’re on meds you’ll be controlling your HIV. What this means is that your life expectancy should be the same as it would have been had you not been diagnosed. For more info please see Q10 here:


    For support, the following might help:


  2. vivek

    My CD4 is 511. What was my life expectancy? I’m on ARVs. I don’t know how to tolerate this. I want to commit suicide, but I can’t.

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Tam,

    Fat loss is no longer a common side effect. However, all ARVs have the potential to cause body changes. Are you currently on meds? If you aren’t you may find this of some help:


  4. tam

    Hello, please which of the ART’s is best to prevent fat loss?

  5. Robin Jakob


    Because you are starting treatment there is a very good chance that your baby will not be born with HIV. The aim of treatment for everyone, including pregnant women, is to get an undetectable viral load. This usually takes 1-3 months. You have plenty of time to get there.

    You can find more information about HIV and pregnancy here:

  6. BB

    Im 17 weeks pregnant and positive I found out that my partner is also positive. Will my baby also be positive. I’m starting treatment today to lower the risk of transmission but I’m very scared to say the least.


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