RIO study

The RIO study will see whether immune-based therapy (called bNAbs) can be used to instead of HIV treatment (ART).

Two long-acting bNAbs or a placebo will be given by infusion and ART will be stopped.

The study is now open to people who started HIV treatment soon after they became HIV positive.

Although enrolment was due to start in Spring 2020, the study was delayed for a year because of COVID-19.

The study opened in June 2021 after participants have had COVID-19 vaccines. It will run for two years.

This short video below is about the RIO study.

The RIO Trial – using a new immune-based therapy to treat HIV
https://vimeo.com/453629820/31eb42a57e (5 minutes)

Other links

RIO trial website

Please contact the study team if you are interested in joining RIO. This link also includes a map showing the study sites in London and Brighton.

Pre-print journal article explaining the protocol for RIO in detail.